E-Coating Services

Electrodeposition coating (e-coating) is a finishing process that utilizes electricity to coat metal parts with paint. Taylor Metal offers e-coating services (using an 8th generation PPG-automotive-approved system) to ensure complete finishing to specific part areas that are not accessible with traditional paint spraying techniques.

While e-coating can be used as a primer coat, we also find it ideal for finish coating. In fact, our immersion coating process delivers paint coverage to every hole, recess and hard to reach area. This guarantees a durable and professional finish that adds life and value to each end product.

E-Coating Materials

E-coating can be used on any conductive material, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Zinc
  • Brass

The Benefits of E-Coating

E-coating offers several distinct advantages over traditional paint spraying techniques, including:

  • Improved Finish Coat Uniformity
  • Increased Finishing Efficiency
  • Virtually No Paint Waste
  • Increased Productivity (lower rejection rate = lower cost)
  • Maintenance-Free Value-Added Finish
  • Minimal Environmental Impact (no air pollutants)

e-coating services
e-coating services
e-coating services

If you have an intricate part that can’t be finished using traditional paint spraying techniques, call Taylor Metal today at 419.522.3471 and see if our e-coating services can help.