A Veteran Entrepreneur

Taylor Metal was founded by Glenn Taylor in 1928. A 10-year veteran in the appliance industry, Glen had previously been a partner in a company that manufactured home gas heaters he had designed and patented.

Thanks to his industry insight, Glen saw the opportunity to provide finishing services for other home appliances as a more viable long-term business.

Next Generation Leadership

As Glenn Taylor’s new business model started to prove itself, he brought in his son Richard to help. With a degree from Michigan State University and a pedigree in the family business, Richard provided much-needed direction and an engineering specialty that helped to pushed the company to the next level.

On to Bigger and Better

Under the guidance of Glenn and Richard, Taylor Metal Products grew steadily, expanding out from appliances into automotive and agricultural products. As a result of that new focus, we eventually moved from our original West Sixth Street factory to our current 187,000 sq. ft. location on the site of the old Richland County Fairgrounds.

A Legacy of Service

As Taylor Metal reaches into our second century of operations, we are proud of our historic legacy of service. We continue to maintain the traditional values and vision for quality service and lasting relationships under the 3rd generation management team of Mark and Scott Taylor (grandsons of founder Glenn Taylor).

about Taylor Metal

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